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We’ll be riiiight back!

I can’t support a program harder than someone getting paid $204,000 to do so. We have entered the Upside Down, and I’m hardly the only person looking for the exits.

This is just wild how everything has played out since 2013. So is the new practice facility up and running and being shown to new recruits?

Has that standard of excellence which denied many former Panthers their last basketball game, the game that brought them here- has that (obviously fabricated to cover for a stubborn personal grudge-based decision) standard been held up even 1 season since Jeter was bullied out of a job by AD Braun? And all this just as things were starting to look up for UWM?

Until UWM starts truly listening to the concerns of the basketball players and parents and until they understand the lasting damage being done to the legacy of Milwaukee Panthers Basketball because of an ever-sharpening axe... I just can’t do this anymore. I hope we can all come back but this isn’t the place for me anymore.

Oh well. Maybe another extension or 5 for Mrs. Machiavelli will realize the “Path to Prominence”.

Damn Bud. So much left after you retired. Now we are watching a true life Major League. How did we get here? Would Nancy Zimpher consider being the Milwaukee AD for an interim period?

As for now.... I’ve got nothing left. ✌️

::::hears news of Jordan Lathon commitment to Milwaukee:::: 

Alas, I've always got something left. 😅

My renewed interest in these awesome Panther Hoop recruiting developments notwithstanding, I get the sense the current AD either cannot or is actively unwilling to think outside the box and really get on board with a truly unique (to match our unique challenges) strategically-planned effort to (specifically) revamp the men's hoops program which, when at its best, coincided with university total enrollment (currently ~ 27,000) swelling to well over 30,000. Those are a lot of potential students...

And this is not a coincidence, Mr. Mone, Mrs. Braun 😐. Please, for the sake of the future of our great school- do your job. That is all we ask. All you have to do is "care" about the program, during good times and bad times but your "Jetergate emails" clearly showed otherwise despite your reaching for every photo-op when we were dancing...; I hope things have changed since.

Give this Milwaukee Panther Basketball program what it needs to grow and flourish- that is a recipe for a strong nationally and popularly recognized university with an engaged, active, spirited student body and alumni association who thinks fondly of the place that gave them their higher education. You can cry it's a darn shame that this is the way college brand awareness works; but you cannot change reality.

PS: Cliffs Notes from the great Bill Johnson before his resignation in 2016:

go panthers.. this too..