At a Loss for Words

I'll make this post short and quick (I am not really inclined to blog about Panther basketball, seeing as how everything I can think of to post was addressed in the previous post). But point-blank, this is a team of incredible talent, who, for whatever reason or another cannot seem to play as a team. The blame could be placed on the players, the coaches, hell even the refs!

But it has become painfully obvious that if this years Panthers are going to compete at a higher level, they will need to make some serious adjustments, and play basketball like they are capable of. If you couldn't already tell by the tone of this post so far, UWM was man-handled by Drake 80-59 in front of 3,500 faithful fans from tip to final buzzer in the schools worst men's basketball loss since 1997.

I just hope the team and coaches can take this as a giant wakeup call that things aren't "all good" and somehow rebound against a very talented Sam Houston State team. They better, or the Marquette-UWM game could be very tough to watch (for us UWM fans!).

I'm not giving up on these kids- the season is far from over. But to become the team that many of us fans expected they could be, the defense, and some guard (Deonte? Roman? Charlie? Ricky? Alan? Anybody!) will have to step up. I said it last post and it proved true: Torre Johnson and Paige Paulson can not carry this team on their shoulders.

Basketball is a team sport (think- the championship Pistons), and without a cohesive group that can play well in any combination on the floor, the Panthers will be destined for another miserable year. Here's to hoping Tuesday will bring a reversal of fortunes, and make the optimism coming into this season, at least somewhat justified. Let's go UWM! Now is the time to step it up (about 1000%).