Forget the Titans

I failed to mention in my last post that in this season's first game between the two, Milwaukee escaped Detroit Mercy only by the missile-like range of Paige Paulsen who clanged a 30 footer in at the buzzer. So I'll now re-iterate that this wasn't going to be an easy win at the Calihan Center. While trailing most of the game, UWM had flashes of greatness sporadically, but never get close enough near the end to pull it off. It was a game of poor shooting from inside and out, but soooo much more damaging (unless by poor shooting, you mean shooting like St. Louis did the other week!), were a slew of turnovers. This tally is in dark contrast to the minuscule number of turnovers the Panthers' posted in their previous three outings.

If there is one great thing to talk about it's the fact that Canadian-native, Kaylan Anderson has apparently figured out how to score and make plays in the Horizon! I'm only half-kidding (usually I've seen him on the floor for no more than 4-5 minutes in a game, and to be fair, it ain't easy to get a rythym going with those kind of minutes). It's nice to see that UWM has consistently had options just coming out of the woodwork recently; unfortunately tonight the options were too few, and too late.

UWM was outscored in the paint and outrebounded almost to embarrassment (it didn't help that Skinner didn't play his best game tonight). We just didn't deserve an amazing comeback win tonight (which seemed almost possible a couple of times down the stretch). Hopefully it will be a long time before the team forgets to bring out their lightning in a bottle which has served them so well this Horizon League season.

Yes, the Horizon League officiating keeps lock in step with it's reputation as one of, if not, the worst in the country. If you saw the game, you'd probably agree. But the Panthers turned the ball over like bowlers in a losing effort to keep their newest winning streak (now expired) alive. Oh hell, you don't win all of 'em. It's a horrible rationalization, but I always remind myself of that, whilst walking out of Miller Park, the Bradley Center (and that's the case more often than not for the Bucks these days!) the Cell Arena, or watching my team go down on all ugly-like on the tele-tube like I did just a few hours ago.

No doubt you want to win every time out. But when you lose you should gain that determination to make the sour taste of losing only momentary. UWM vs. Wright State, Saturday at 6:00pm on TWS and WISN 1130. It's come back time once again.