Thank You UWM Panthers

Thanks for a great (albeit wild) season. It's too bad an early exit in the Horizon League Tournament effectively ended any hopes of a last ditch miracle. We all enjoyed every last minute and are confident that next year the Panthers will build on the improvements and accomplishments of this season. Special thanks to the seniors for all their time as Milwaukee Panthers- Paige, Marcus, and Al.

You guys played your hearts out, and virtually carried this team on your shoulders when the going got tough. We all wish you the best in your future endeavours, basketball and otherwise.

Posts to this blog will be pretty limited (I have given up on recruiting speculation and hype- this Blog is simply about Panther Basketball as is.... I have no interest in the "what-if" scenarios that accompany potential recruits, etc.). When there is news about the team though, you will hear about

So, after going 9-22 last season, then 14-16 this season..... is a solid winning record and a run at a post-season berth next season that far fetched? I dunno. But my hunch is no; it's a reasonable expectation. Unlike this year, we'll have a full squad of excellent and near-excellent UWM student-athletes committed to the program 110%. That can make a world of difference.