Season Begins... in Ames, Iowa

Milwaukee Panther Basketball kicks off the '08-'09 season tomorrow in Ames, IA against Loyola-Marymount at the Iowa State-hosted, "2008 World Vision Classic" round-robin style tournament. With Loyola at 4:30pm tomorrow, Cal-Davis at 2:30pm Saturday afternoon, and UWM vs. Iowa State on the final night of the tournament (7pm), the Panthers will have their hands full over this 72 hour period. I am fortunate enough to have a high-school friend who lives in Ames, and so I am staying for the entire weekend to watch all of the games live.

I will be making at least one post per game to Milwaukee Panther Tracks as the game stories unfold. I will also try to scout out Cal-Davis and ISU, before the Panthers play those teams, to give fans an idea of what's coming. Hopefully the 3-balls and mid-range jumpers find the bottom of the net, the foul game goes our way (and we sink crucial free throws), and the team plays overall tenacious D against these three teams.

Even that won't be enough on it's own- The Hilton Coliseum is going to be LOUD (not with throngs of Panther fans). This team will need to keep it's composure and come out swinging- so often last year games were lost in the first half or so when UWM would fall behind an opponent's insurmountable lead. This "Tournament Weekend" will be a big test for this team of budding talent. It won't be easy, but if the team can come away from the WVC successful (2-1 or 3-0), we might have a very competitive Panther Basketball team here in Milwaukee...