Badgers Greet, Then Beat UWM

"....the Panthers .... shot less than 36 percent for the game. That included 4-of-19 from 3-point range." - Associated Press on UWM vs. UW this past Saturday night
We were not to be outdone by our atrocious shooting performance against Ball State- we had to kick it down another peg (37.5% vs. BSU, 36% against the Badgers).

With or without Ricky Franklin*, this game was going to be a huge challenge. Deonte Roberts and Tone Boyle both scored 11, but the bricks would not be overcome. Wisconsin turned the ball over only 6 times to the Panthers 11 (Deonte Roberts had 5 turnovers, a couple of which were big momentum-killers in the surprisingly close first half).

A Tone Boyle three ball just a few minutes into the game made it seem like we'd keep this close (a la the "Marquette Great 1st Half Hope"). There is nothing great to say about this game. Avo was MIA (-er effectively neutralized by a smothering Wisconsin D).

Anthony Hill was limited. Tony Meier dropped in three long balls, but had only 3 boards to back it up. Kaylan Anderson (7pts, 5rbs, 2stl) had the best game of all on the Panthers side, but it wasn't near enough to keep it close. The defense was, well, read the post from the Ball State loss- nothing has changed much. After the first half, there were very few things to cheer about. I guess the good news is- this was the 22nd-ranked Badgers.

The team is obviously in the midst of some kind of shooting funk. For all of the pure shooting talent throughout the roster, it should be only a matter of time before they snap out of it one by one or all together. I hope it's the latter- and next game, both halves, and into the rest of the season. Shoot for the stars Panthers. shoot for the stars

*Franklin suspended from team indefinitely for OWI arrest last Thursday morning