Ricky Franklin Suspended

This just in (I'm joking- I've been in Madison and Green Bay the past couple of days watching my teams get mauled): http://www.jsonline.com/sports/panthers/35238974.html
This bad news is coming at just the time when veteran leadership could give Milwaukee the spark needed to turn things around from the recent string of losses (3 in a row now after Wisconsin this past Saturday) and begin a good showing in the conference schedule.

Things have seemed to be "less than cohesive" lately. And while it doesn't appear their are any team chemistry issues or severely clashing personalities, it does seem like the team could use some leaders to step up and coordinate the troops out there.

The Panthers will be short-handed for an indeterminate period. Once word of Ricky's punishment from the team comes in, I'll post it here. Hopefully Ricky can learn from this experience of finding out what happens when you get caught using very, very bad judgment.

As a Panther for the past 4 years (Franklin redshirted as a freshman in order to meet certain academic criteria), and having a year of eligibility left if he meets degree requirements, Ricky has certainly become a mainstay of UWM Basketball.

Let's hope that all is well that ends well, and somehow some good will come of this for all those involved. Ricky will be back and better for this unfortunate setback.