'08-'09 Highlights and Jeter Named Assistant Coach for USA World University Games Team

This highlight video (split into 3 parts, below) was presented to season ticket holders during the annual Milwaukee Panther Basketball "Senior Salute" that I wrote about last month. Everyone in attendance was given a free copy of the DVD, and seeing as how several people who read this blog were not there- I think you should all get a chance to check this out.

It is the entire '08-'09 season compressed into 13 minutes of highlight clips, all mixed to the background beat of some pretty good hip-hop tracks. Thanks to whoever is responsible for creating this great vid- it really does capture all the best moments from last season.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Watching these highlights will be a helluva way to get pumped up this Fall, just before the '09-'10 campaign begins, know?

On the news front, Coach Jeter has been tapped to be an assistant coach to his former mentor Bo Ryan along with Miami's Frank Haith for the 2009 USA World University Games team which will face off against student athletes from other countries in Belgrade, Serbia. Congratulations to Coach Jeter- it is a well-deserved honor.

RJ actually tore his Achilles's heel last Wednesday playing pickup basketball at the Klotsche Center, so hopefully he can make a speedy recovery and not have the injury affect his overseas summer gig with "College Team USA".

Until next time- GO PANTHERS!!!!