Milwaukee Panthers Senior Salute 2009

My how time flies (it's already Jeter's 5th season at UWM!). It's sounds cliche, but these four guys who are now en route to the next chapter of life's journey know full well- you've gotta savor every moment. There are ups and downs, but in the end, if you look too far ahead or dwell on the negatives, you'll end up running out of time and realizing that you never fully appreciated the best moments when they arrived.

Thank You Avery, Deion, Kaylan, and Zach!!!!
Best of Luck for Your Bright Futures!!!!

Avery Smith ('05-'06, '06-'07', '08-'09)

Deion James ('06-'07, '07-'08, '08-'09)

Kaylan Anderson ('05-'06, '06-'07, '07-'08, '08-'09)

Zach Holt ('05-'06, '06-'07, '07-'08, '08-'09)

Major props to this graduating class of players- we all wish them nothing but success as they enter the "real world", and hope they never forget where they came from. UWM and it's vast network of alumni, current and former coaches, fans, staff, and everyone else involved in the Milwaukee Panther Basketball Program will always be here to help (or accept your helping hand!). Once a Panther, Always a Panther.