Panthers Get Verbals From Two Chicagoans

EDIT (7/19/2009): Hill and Williams have reopened their recruitment according to Best of luck to them in their senior season. Even if they wish not to become Panthers (keep in mind nothing is set in stone- they just want to explore more opportunities), Milwaukee Basketball appreciates their interest in the program nonetheless.

Maybe they will change their mind if/when the team piles up 20+ wins this season and makes a national (NCAA/NIT) postseason tournament... I say that with absolute confidence and seriousness.

I know this sounds like Deja Vu... lol. No, these two are not from Simeon and other than this veiled reference to the infamous pair a few years ago that decided to go astray instead of reap the benefits of a D-I athletic scholarship, we will never mention that sad story again- not on this blog.

The Milwaukee Panthers received oral commitments from class of 2010 6-foot point guard Hollis Hil have after losing the likes Tone, Ricky, Big James (all starters for the vast majority of last season), Charlie Swigget, and J
l and 6-5 forward Aaron Williams of Vocational High School in Chicago, Illinois. That is great news considering the lack of depth we willason Averkamp after this season. There are still a few scholarships to fill out the '10-'11 class and these are some excellent first additions.

Good luck to Hollis and Aaron in their senior season and final year of high school- it's great to have some more Panthers on board. I have a feeling these guys will give a great impression of Chicago in the minds of Panther fans- it wasn't too long ago that the Chi was synonymous with Boo Davis and Chris Hill, remember...? As always-

Wisconsin natives 6'10" 240lbs Christian Wolf (leaving Florida Gulf Coast) and 6'10 270lbs Mitchell Carter (leaving South Carolina) have decided to come home and walk on to play for the Panthers and attend UWM. Both will have to sit out this coming season due to NCAA transfer rules, but they will be ready to bolster the Panther front court in the fall of 2010.

Now that is the kind of size this program has been wanting for quite some time! As things currently stand, Milwaukee will have seven players 6'5" or taller for the '10-'11 campaign. In the Horizon League, size like that can go a long way.... UWM welcomes these native sons with open arms and can't wait to see them contribute on the basketball court.

6'10", 240lbs Power Forward/Center, Christian Wolf

6''10", 270lbs Power Forward/Center, Mitchell Carter