Sometimes No News Really is Good News, This News is a Little Bad...

According to, Hollis Hill and Aaron Williams have reopened their recruitment (in mutual agreement with Jeter and staff- so it's not like this came out of nowhere). It's quite possible these two rising stars will find a more "Major" program with a scholarship offer, or a school more to their liking.

Then again, it's not out of the realm of possibility that they'd "re-commit" to Milwaukee. Though that seems unlikely, it is possible. The Milwaukee Panther Basketball community wishes them the best in their future college careers- even if it's not on the East Side of Milwaukee (and down at the Cell).

If indeed these two recruits are gone with the wind, hopefully Milwaukee can pick up some players (at the very least a true PG!) that are of equal or higher caliber to fill out the 2010 class. Alas, all fortunes ebb and flow (think- UWM basketball from 2000-2006, and then 2006-2008), and I'm sure the Panthers are about due for some great success (maybe really good news before the season too!) in the very near future.