Let's Start a Winning Streak, Shall We?

With the upcoming game against Hillsdale Saturday afternoon, and subsequent contests against Texas State, Colgate, Bowling Green, UIC, and Loyola (all winnable games if this team is who we thought they were!), this Milwaukee Panther team has a chance to set themselves up very, very nicely for the always hotly-debated UWM-Marquette face-off in early December....

Could we actually win this year (or at least make a game of it)? Dunno. But I'll bet this year's Western Kentucky could beat this year's rather short-bench and inexperienced MU 4 out of 5 times... and we came a possession away from a victory over the Hilltoppers. I like our chances- I will say that at least.

With that in mind... I leave you with the very cool new starting 5 intro video for Milwaukee Panther home games at the Cell. If this doesn't get Panther fans and players completely amped before a game- nothing will: