Milwaukee Panthers.... By the (Simple) Numbers

I am no statistician- I'll leave the advanced quant research to Ken Pomeroy and others who are dedicated to that field. I do think however, that it is interesting to visualize some of the basic statistics concerning our Milwaukee Men's Basketball program over the past decade or two. I personally found it encouraging that our turnovers committed per game have gone down since Jeter took over, but (sans the "Pearl/UWM Press") sad that our forced turnovers per game have gone considerably down since 2005.

Unfortunately, the '09-'10 stats are not yet available (all statistics were obtained from the Milwaukee Athletics Website), but these charts do provide somewhat of a layman's glimpse into a few of the trend-lines and high/low watermarks we have seen over the years. Call it what you will, but these are the facts. A conversation starter if nothing else, eh?