The Game

Though the vast majority of posts you'll find here at MPT are on the never-ending-journey-type length of reading material, I will take a turn toward brevity, if only for a moment.

Tall order for K-Dub & Co. tomorrow. But, I think it's fair to say we're up for the challenge.

Tomorrow we play Marquette at the Bradley Center downtown and will attempt to end our seemingly unendable streak of futility in the UWM-MU D-I series... (currently 38-0 in favor of the Golden Eagles). But, I have to pipe up and a remind folks- the match-up this season is different.

Ask Buzz Williams- he knows this '11-'12 Milwaukee Panther Hoops prowl can quickly turn into a howl/growl/stomp-thou, if MU isn't careful and slips in any aspect of their game.

Win tomorrow, and you'll see several thousands of dormant Panther fans emerge from the woodwork. Lose, and the series is likely over (MU will insist on a 4-1 which hamstrings this program and should not even be considered by the Milwaukee AD).

But I'm sure most MU fans have chalked up a win, and most UWM fans (stung by the crushing defeats in the last three times we've played the Eagles at the BC since the series resumed) expect an embarrassing loss..

Wake up. This game (Vegas currently says Milwaukee will lose by 14pts) will be a lot more interesting/entertaining than you think.

Our town. Our school. Our team. Other plans for tomorrow night?

I'll just leave you with a quote I found, perusing the discussion board of the UWMFreaks:

"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right."

What do you think?