The Future

Te'Jon Lucas, by way of Illinois

Harrison Henderson, by way of USC

Yeah. Coach Baldwin recruits like that.

Along with Darius Roy, DeAndre Abram, Wil Sessoms, Amir Allen, Shae Mitchell, CJ Wilbourne, Courtney Brown Jr. and more:

Jake Wright and Vance Johnson are finishing their Panther careers; Darius Roy will be back

This team is going to have some serious firepower next season. Horizon League better prepare for a wrecking crew if this team gels and excels through this dismal end to the season and on into greener pastures in '19-'20.

Wil Sessoms more than held his own in the post in '18-'19

The talent is there for great things to happen. You might want to tune in.

These two 2019 recruits could make a big impact early on depending on how much depth emerges in '19-'20


M Gunther said…
Some solid guys. Looking forward to next season already. Thanks for keeping the faith and providing these updates.