Just not our day... Panthers get crushed by Vikings, 70-53

I dunno. Hopefully that is the last time we play like that!

Oh my, what just happened in Cleveland? 😦

We are going to make an abbreviated record of this one (can we call it a mulligan?).

We shot under 25% in the first half against CSU's 65%+.

Cleveland's Craig Beaudion (19pts, 4rbs, 3ast) put on a show... and we watched.

After a brief Milwaukee run closed the gap to 14pts, we slipped up a few possessions and the Vikings charged back and were up back up to 20 with 15 minutes left in the game.

CSU cruised to a crushing victory, 70-53. So much for 2nd place (for now).

This, quite simply was a disaster. Sometimes you really are the bug (and sometimes you are the windshield). 🤷


25.4% 19.0% 95.0%
51.1% 62.5% 67.9%

Milwaukee can bounce back in a big way with a win over Wright State this Friday at 7pm at Panther Arena.


PS: Rest in Power in Paradise Mamba