Panthers can't catch Titans, lose 90-84

I'm not sure how packed we can get this Arena until we can get back to the NCAAs; people forgot about UWM

Your Milwaukee Panthers dropped the ball last night and fell to 8-10 (3-3).

Te'Jon Lucas  (13pts, 7ast) was not as dominating and sure-handed as usual (until the end) and that hindered our efforts. We committed 25 turnovers and just couldn't keep up with the Titans. They came out swinging and kept dropping dimes and we struggled to get anything to go in for the first several minutes. We trailed by as many as 21 in this game and were playing catch-up the entire 40 minutes.

Darius Roy (24pts, 6tbs, 5ast) was crucial to keeping us in the game but more so DeAnrdre Abram (26pts, 12rbs) who had a career night, unfortunately iun the midst of a winnable game that was lost.

They kept us in it enough to strike a few times at the end (which we did, but our strikes missed- 3x).

Although he fouled out, Detroit's star player Antoine Davis got the last laugh in this game..

The '19-'20 Detroit Titan team really came alive in in this game. They had lost several close contests, but were looking to make this a blowout of the Panthers- which sadly, it almost was.

Antoine Davis put on a show for NBA scouts in 1st half. Take away some of that 20+ in the first 20 minutes and we'd have had a much better shot. As you can see, our shooting was not as accurate as Detroit in any category either though:

45.6% 45.5% 90.3%
41.2% 38.5% 75.0%

Antoine Davis fouled out but the Titans persisted. We only closed the gap for a few minutes toward the end but overall, this was just another bad performance and we were outmatched- by the 4-15 Detroit Titans. I don't care how good Mike Davis' son is- no one player should beat us.

I shouldn't be so upset over a loss but things were finally starting to click with this squad and this game was winnable. At this point the Horizon League Tourney is the only thing that can make this season incredible so I guess we just hope we are at our best then.

Once upon a time... Consistent winning. Changes. Everything. (ask Butler)

I'll try to remember what a fan said a seemingly mature-beyond-his-years Te'Jon Lucas told him in the reassuring, confident tone of a leader after the loss to Western Michigan- "stay with us; we will get better".

Those are some powerful words that have been said in many universal contexts and without getting all philosophical I'll just re-iterate the importance of this mentality:

Certainly you are familiar with the phrase "don't throw the baby out with the bath water".

What if Michigan Wolverine Tom Brady (6th Round, 199th overall) never got playing time and was bounced from the NFL after a couple invisible seasons? What if Aaron Rodgers never got recruited from JuCo to Cal; what if he would've just quit? What if Milwaukee would have given up on baseball after the Braves moved to Atlanta in 1953 (after giving the city two World Series!)? What if the same would have happened to the Bucks?...

What if Steve Antrim and simply defeating the Wisconsin Badgers in Madison in the early 1990's was the apex of Milwaukee Panther Basketball?

Yeah this happened (Sweet 16 vs. #1 seed and eventual tournament winner Illinois); we actually had a decent chance to win until the final minutes..

What if that romantic interest/company/school/teacher/coach/relative/friend would have given up- on you? 😐

I'll stop here and we'll pick up after the Oakland contest Saturday night. These Panthers are an inconsistent bunch but when they are on, they are on and something special to watch.

They are our team. Let's support them and make sure they know we are here- near and faraway- rooting for them between every single whistle.

stay with us; we will get better.