Family Matters for Patrick Baldwin Jr.

With the recent Chicago Tribune story that Patrick Baldwin Jr. has narrowed his list of schools to Milwaukee, Duke, Northwestern, Michigan, Georgetown and North Carolina we could be getting closer to a decision from PBJ on his college future.

Patrick Baldwin Jr. coming to Milwaukee would be something special for this school and city...

Currently, Milwaukee is believed to be in the lead.

It is at least worth pondering this single quote (taken liberally, out of context, like we always do- we are sports writers and sports nuts- what else did you expect, dear reader):

He told me about the progress he has seen in me from the time he put the ball in my hands,” Baldwin said. “He said whether I decide to play for him or not, he will always love me. He really does hope I choose to play for him.”

This is a kind of once-in-a-decade lighting strike that would capture an avalanche of attention, enthusiasm, and potentially buildup an unassailable renewed strength of the Milwaukee Panthers brand in the state of Wisconsin and across the nation. But unlike 2003 or 2005 or 2006 or 2011 or 2014- this time it would be indelible. Permanent.

We all want more exposure and respect for Brew City's beautiful hidden gem of a university on the Upper East Side by the Lake. You are kidding yourself if you do not think it would help to have PBJ vaporizing the Horizon League, on ESPN Top 10 every single other night and then taking this team far, far beyond TV highlights of regular season games. But the decision to play for your father and be with family at a sometimes-mismanaged sleeping giant (Milwaukee) vs. being far away in Basketball's Garden of Eden (Duke)- but alone- is not one that anybody takes lightly for certain. So don't expect PBJ to commit to Milwaukee.

#3 Class of 2021 Sussex-Hamilton recruit Patrick Baldwin Jr. has a knack for the game of basketball like few others

If it happens? Amazing.

If not- Life goes on.

PS: PBJ's updated Top 10 and surprise, Milwaukee is on the list:

go panthers
the future is now.