The Endless Summer (of COVID-19)

So here we are, Panther fans. I had been trying to avoid talking about the suffocating sense of morose brought upon mankind by the Virus.

Leading by example; if everyone masked up for 8 weeks, COVID would be 💀

And I'll be brief. But for history's sake we'll acknowledge the fact that the world has been necessarily put on pause to protect lives- esp. older, more vulnerable members of our population who could catch a dry cough on Monday.. and be gone from this world by the weekend.

It's some scary sh**, this COVID pandemic. It has affected everything.

No more movies, no sporting events, nothing on live TV, no gatherings of any people for several months. It comes as no surprise that new, chronic cases of depression and anxiety are skyrocketing.

With time, patience, and a tough-but-not-impossible coordinated effort, packed gyms will be back

I don't want to try to be the one to say, "it's gonna be OK", but I do believe, if we are all smart about this situation we find ourselves in, follow protocols and endure (or better be grateful for) the upcoming zombie apocalypse-like curtailed seasons of the NBA, MLB, and we all hope- NCAA Football and then NCAA Basketball- it is going to be OK. We can deal with the cardboard cutout fans for now and pack Panther Arena when the time is right in 2021.

Remember that while this is a game for us fans- it is Life for the players and coaches. Getting them, and a socially distanced student section, back on the court has to be the #1 priority. We can talk about the capacity % of arenas that fans can fill once the other sports have tested things out and provided proven guidelines.

We are in totally uncharted territory, but we can take courage from our history- being a resilient beacon of light in the face of great darkness is the greatest characteristic of America. Against a united front that systematically closes off the avenues for replication (masks, distance)- COVID doesn't stand a chance.

As we anticipate the return of that whistle and those sneaker squeaks- be safe.

go panthers
the future is now.