DreGHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! MKE Splits with CSU, Gholston and Lucas Shine

With the season on a knife, your Milwaukee Panthers- at least for now- have righted the ship. And it feels good to win again.

After a decidedly uninspired effort Friday evening which saw Milwaukee nearly climb back from being down 21pts only to lose by 11, Saturday afternoon would play host to one of the most memorable Panther scratch/clawbacks in program history.

The Panthers will return to Milwaukee with a bit of a spring in their step 

Cleveland State, the conference leader at 10-1 (10-2 now) didn't do anything special Friday night, but we could not hit the ocean from the charity stripe (15-24 for 62%) which ultimately led to our defeat as many of those missed FTs were 1-and-1's and that is a big part of our game- making it to the line and making opponents pay for fouls in points.

But that didn't work. And Craig Beaudion (25pts) and the Vikings had other plans. We dropped the opener 64-53 which set off a wave of misery amongst the Panther faithful.

But lo and behold-! An incredible comeback was in the making for Saturday. We really were in a for a treat of a college basketball event.

Milwaukee started out slow much like Friday but then things began to pick up on a string of buckets from Dre Gholston (21pts, 7rbs) and Te'Jon Lucas (30pts, 10rbs 👀👀👀). I'd carry on about the chipping away and then the losing of all faith in this season's team and then the Reggie Miller-like redemption of tre's down the stretch.

But none of that would matter when it all came down to one shot.

You can see for yourself:

The game-winner that was heard round the internet (of the Horizon League and Midwest Hoops observers)

The split brings Milwaukee to 6-5 (5-4) which is currently good for 4th place in the league. Next weekend brings another (COVID-scheduling-induced) series with IUPUI that we have a good chance of using as a spring board. Are we "feeling froggy" as they say? We need to make a jump to that next echelon.

go panthers
the future is now.

PS: (I think we were just moving past a rut.... we're good to go win some more basketball games now, right? 😎)