Northern Kentucky sweeps Panthers

Your Milwaukee Panthers were just swept by NKU (14pt loss each game). While the first game saw the Norse shoot nearly 50% from 3pt and sink 18 triples, the second contest had no such statistical aberration to use as a scapegoat to explain away this puzzling season that seems headed... exactly where last season left off.

DeAndre Gholston and Josh Thomas scored a bunch over the weekend. Te'Jon provided his regular well-rounded production of points, assists and rebounds. But we just can't make stops. It matters little (to the team) if we have 3 guys scoring in double-figures but cannot hold our opponent under 73 points (last 5 games).

We should know more this March (after the NCAA Tourney) about what next season might look like

The bigger question emerging seems to be: where is this program headed beyond the end of the 2021 Horizon League Tournament? It seems that the only parts of the team that had been trying to hold "team" together are giving up on trying.

If the sense of kinship and common purpose isn't there, maybe it never will be. Rumblings of another mass exodus (similar to when Bryce Nze and everyone left)- abound. PBJ to Milwaukee just ain't happening, unfortunately. We can only hope that Jordan Lathon is cleared and ready for next season. But it's almost a certainty that we will lose some players to turnover and we don't seem to have any backstop/backup plans.

While there are still players left, let's hope we can build something.

go panthers.

PS: Of course Milwaukee can still sweep Wright State and Oakland and win the Horizon League Tournament- I'm not counting that out! I just don't see it happening (I see us winning 1 or 2 in the HLT). I'm happy to light a fuse. I'm just tired... I think we all are. Just win.