Wright State sweeps Panthers

Rinse, repeat. Your Milwaukee Panthers fell to 7-10 on the season after dropping a pair to Wright State. We managed to play offense in both games, scoring well into the 80s. The problem is, the rules of the game require that you must not allow your opponent to score more than you. In the defensive department we continued to be shadow of our potential.

Every last Panther fan to a woman, child and man is hoping for a slightly better outcome next weekend. 🤷

Or next season.. 😑

It just hasn't been our season... 'lotta dashed hopes and missed opportunities

This appears to just not be our year as I misreported for many weeks leading up to and throughout the season. I'm sorry. Things were looking up considerably at the time. It is evident that we cannot continue this Path to Somnolence; we are sleepwalking into our own permanent oblivion... 😴💤💤

Some things are bigger than basketball. And yes, we are very fortunate to be able to watch basketball at all during COVID-19. This season was bound to disappoint. What with the NBA Mickey Mouse Rings and Jack-in-the-box scheduling it just isn't the same and pretending it is does no good.

But that also shouldn't be an excuse to play as bad as we have since this new year began. And it's not only that we've played bad but how dysfunctional as a team and program we seem to have gotten. To even the most casual of college basketball observers over the past few years, this Milwaukee program is in "free fall/off-the-rails" mode.

I thought this would be the season things would start looking up. I thought we'd be good enough to post a winning record, sign some top flight recruits and have the table set for '21-'22. Oh man was I wrong, wrong, wrong.

It truly appears that we are all just out there winging it. If there is a plan beyond the next game it isn't being implemented or followed. Something has to turn for the better at some point.

For now we'll just keep hoping for better things. All we can do.

go panthers.