Milwaukee drops Horizon Semifinal to Cleveland State, stares deep into soul of the program

And so it comes to an end (just as the world seems to be getting slowly, but surely, back to normal).


This team should be proud of finally reaching their potential, even if too late; next season looms large

Your Milwaukee Panthers (10-12) ran out of gas at a really bad spot in the game (final 120-200 seconds). As can't be seen in the boxscore snapshot but can be seen in the game winning probability time-series chart- this one was in the bag, ladies and gents.

Coach Baldwin and staff prepared the team well, and it showed. We handled the Cleveland State Vikings tonight. But in a series of unfortunate plot twists (turnovers, missed loose balls, bricks) with just 2 and a half minutes remaining, it all came undone. The season, which started off brimming with such promise only to ebb when a web of dissatisfaction began to brew among fans and seemingly players on the team themselves unhappy about the way things were going and being handled- almost ended in a conference championship appearance (or more).

It's good to get mad/passionate about the faulty state of something you are a part of- it means you care.

Josh Thomas (25pts career high) played out of his mind and is probably going to either transfer or reap the rewards of a guard who does transfer (we have so many guards... and get ready- because just as sure as your and my friends transferred from Milwaukee to other schools or left for one reason or another- these players are no different and some like this place, others don't). Let's hope not everyone leaves, and to whomever does leave, that they find a better situation at their next university. Nothing is worse than getting flipped out of the frying pan, into the fire.

We shot horrible from 3pt, but we had (and Amir Allen had) the best rebounding of our entire season

But the game, the game. I was actually surprised myself at how much and how rapidly hype was generated about the Panthers throughout the City of Milwaukee and surrounding communities after the historic Raider fade. We flexed the Vikings in the first half as if it were a continuation of the Wright State game's closing minutes.

After two consecutive solid post appearances for Milwaukee in the last regular season game and HLT, Amir Allen showed out in a flash of brilliance that makes one wonder... where did that Amir come from? He and Tafari Simms both had single games this season that were mind-bogglingly good. But they were outliers. We need consistency. Game in, game out. Not trying to stuff the stat sheet, but stuffing it overflow-style because you ball so hard you just know the numbers will all average out, and high (or low, if were talking TOs or fouls committed).

Te'Jon was the solid facilitator we know him to be dishing out 7ast, but not having his best shooting night (that may have tipped the scale). DreGo (10pts) started off slow and missed some costly shots but got into his flow in the second half. Josh Thomas (25pts, 6rbs, 3stl)- had about the best game you could possibly have under the microscope of an official, national ESPN broadcast.

What happens next is where things are about to get very interesting.

So interesting (+), that everyone who ever attended MKE for even a single semester is going to be proudly staking their claim in the rowdy, underdog gang that is the MKE Panther fan base. Or so interesting (-), that everyone who ever attended MKE for even a single semester is going to be packing up their remaining Panther gear to give away to Goodwill.

Which way will this awkward juncture pivot? 🤔

The transfer portal is always wild at the end of C-hoops season, but it is especially active this Spring, 1 long pause of a year after the biggest world event in most of our lives crippled everything. All players will receive an additional year of NCAA eligibility. We may see some seniors remain with the team. And with those seniors being Te'Jon, Amir and JT, that is not a bad thing at all...

It'll also be mighty interesting to see what happens with some elite recruits/transfers if a particuliar elite c/o 2021 recruit senses that the time is right and decides he wants to show his father the greatest love a son could give.

A win seemed assured for the vast majority of this bigtime bummer

And take a fan base who I'm sure he's seen be perpetually consternated, ungrateful, but loyal-as-dogs and ever-waiting to embrace the Black and Gold again- along for the ride.

go panthers