SLAUGHTERHAUS! Milwaukee drops another, butchered by RMU 77-53

It was a slaughterhouse

It looks like the early start of another baaaaaad February.

I hope the team inspires me to write about basketball again. I've got next to nothing after last night's humiliation. Robert Morris trounced the Panthers in a game that was never close, and horribly coached.

We had a whopping 9 assists on 22-64 (34.4%) from the field- this lack of assists is a bigger story than it seems. It indicates a lack of offensive cohesion. We are playing far too much street ball/hustle. We won't win playing like that against teams with real basketball strategies.

One bright note- Markeith Browning did return to the lineup and scored 5pts. No mention of Samba Kane which we can only interpret to mean his is no longer with the Panthers.

Patrick Baldwin Jr.? You would know more than myself. If I were a betting man, I'd say he is done with college hoops. I hope he gives the HLT a go. But it certainly appears as though PBJ (or PBS, or both) doesn't want to risk re-injury.

We play the Penguins tomorrow. For this next road game in this season sadly, our Panthers may well become Penguin (5-6, 7th in conference) prey at the Beeghly Center. But we did just take down Oakland (8-1, 2nd in conference). So who knows.

The only thing that would surprise me is some sort of clear explaination and admission of contrition and dedication to immediate course-correction from someone- anyone- involved in this mess of a season.

go panthers
press on.