Milwaukee falls to UIC in HL season finale

(my imaginary ending that didn't hold true..) 😔

And so it goes. What more words do we even have at this point?

UIC is leaving the Horizon League for the spot in the Missouri Valley Conference that we long coveted. Chicago is simply 10x the (TV, recruiting) market size of Milwaukee so we can't be as surprised about that as we are surprised about how this season never got going.

Thanks for being a Milwaukee Panther and following along; maybe the team will fight for their college careers quite literally and make an HLT run.

It's all '21-'22 has left.

And it appears we are "all in with Baldwin" (Baldwin Senior, that is.) again next year as Braun extended all coaches for 1 year "because?" of COVID. A contract is a contract. Maybe we'll see each other again in 2023 or 2024 and AD Braun will be long gone, replaced by a competent and experienced AD who wants to lead a large university back to relative greatness, and to a new, more competitive conference once we get all our many program "ships" repaired.

Maybe by then, the Milwaukee Panther Hoops program will be led by a young, rising, winning coach who can recruit the state of Wisconsin well and will slowly rebuild the Milwaukee Panthers to once again become a great program with a great culture and a bright new future.

It can happen. It's gotta happen at some point- Milwaukee is too big of a university and city; some AD and coach combo is going to strike gold once again- and next time- maintain that high level of success and excitement among all stakeholders.

Tune in this coming Tuesday to see if we have any life left. It is HLT "do or die" time, now. I hope we play better than tonight, or Tuesday will be the last game of this long, stressful season.

Come to think about it, maybe that isn't a bad thing. It's getting close to time for everyone to start their next chapter.

go panthers
press on.