The hurtin' just won't.. wait: VICTORY!!!

Donovan Newby has been about the only consistent player on the Milwaukee roster this season. Photo credit: Journal-Sentinel

Your Milwaukee Panthers were victorious in last night's battle with Wright State.

It was a low scoring affair (Panthers won 60-57) with Gholston (11pts, 5reb), Simms (12pts, 10reb) and Newby (15pts) doing most of our offensive damage.

It doesn't feel as good as a solid win this late in the season should feel. That is likely due to losing the last 6 before this victory and having very little reason to hope that Milwaukee can blaze through the HLT and into March Madness.


29.0% 26.9% 83.3%

38.7% 30.8% 57.1%

But it can still happen. Let's put faith in the objective fact that we are a team who is capable of playing well in spite of bad coaching- and a team that truly can beat any Horizon foe on any given night.

We've just played far more games as if that capability doesn't exist.

Next up we play host to our northern neighbor, Green Bay tomorrow, Sunday at 1pm before the Super Bowl. Odds on a win are 50:50 coin flip; until we get to the point of consistently winning games- or end the season on a note of utter futility.

go panthers
press on.