Farewell Milwaukee Panthers, by Pat Baldwin

Thank you to Coach Baldwin from the bottom of our hearts; a lot of what led to this sad ending was out of your control

The evolution of a coach goes through great times, endures struggles with adversity and in my case at this point a change at the helm. Some of the best coaches have gone through this change. Many have bounced back and so will I. The evolution provides a renaissance period to come back recharged and reinvigorated in the effort to be better. That’s a non-negotiable for me.

Milwaukee welcomed my family here officially on June 20, 2017. We met many people from all walks of life, of different backgrounds and of various creeds and you all have become central figures to our lives. I would stop to watch pickup games at McGovern Park as I was driving home. That was nostalgic for me and brought me closer to the city. Hope you guys enjoyed the water. I met a dad rebounding for his kids on my drive to work at the park. The sons will remember those times.

I recall my first official practice as the head coach here and saying a deep prayer prior to stepping on the floor. Thank you, Amanda Braun and Chancellor Mone, for affording me the opportunity to represent Milwaukee and be an ambassador to the university. We fell short of our goals here at Milwaukee but hopefully raised the standard of our young men so they could apply our lessons to the bigger game of life. I will never forget the gift you gave me and the title I donned as the head coach here.

To all the young men who played for me under the Milwaukee umbrella, I appreciate and love all of you. When you are part of a family, a team or an organization, you will have tremendous days, several peaks and deep valleys. Each one of you will have interpreted those events differently but hopefully with the same spirit in mind. I hope you felt the spirit of me trying to empower our team to become one and operate on the same accord.

To the staff that worked side by side with me, I appreciate you like you could never believe. You put in unbelievable hours, put out numerous fires and many more that never hit my desk. Your constant work and encouragement epitomized a part of what college basketball is about. You worked until. Thank you so much to John Bowler, Austin Hansen, Nick Lucenti, Terrance McGee, Pat Monaghan, Paris Parham, Nick Lucenti, Karl Klatt, Jason Newkirk, Lincoln Wieseman, Mike Winans and Andy Fitzgerald with analytic support.

To our support staff, game day management crew, Panther Arena team, custodial crew, training staff, sports information, strength and conditioning staff, thank you for your tireless service to our young men. I’m sure they appreciate you as do I.

To our media, thank you for your coverage of our program and I above all know what your job entails. Many have asked me to defend myself against the negative media, but that will always be unnecessary in my book. I have some very good friends in the media and they are extremely good people. I know the “click” and the “ink” will always win. It’s the world we live in and sometimes it’s out of their control.

To the greatest superfan ever, Michael Poll, I’m going to miss you buddy. Your boundless energy and enthusiasm lifted our entire office up. You’re the light to the program. Keep being the inspiration that you are.

Finally, thank you to my family from the bottom of my heart for your sacrifices. Thank you for giving up your evenings to support me. Thank you for your undying support through great wins and gut-wrenching losses. You suspended your time for my career. Thank you! 🙏🏾

Shawn, thank you for your encouragement and unconditional love. As you battled breast cancer this past year, you constantly told me not to worry about you and focus on the team. You are going to beat this devastating disease and tell your story. We have a few more rounds to go. You got this. You never know how much you can handle until the weight of the world falls on you. You have passed with flying colors. Keep fighting the good fight.

As one of the best people I’ve ever met would always tell me, “there is a greater destination for all of us!” I believe that to be true. -Pat Baldwin, former Head Coach of the Milwaukee Panthers

Incredible farewell message from an incredible man. Prayers and healing energy for your wife's courageous fight and for the inevitable successes of PBJ as well. On behalf of the (petty individuals running our) AD and university, we are sorry we let you down in many ways. God bless and keep persevering.

Thanks, PBS. You will succeed B1G time, soon enough. 😉

go panthers
press on.