Get a peek inside Milwaukee's new OHOW Center practice facility

This OHOW upgrade means that film sessions just got a lot more comfortable and focused

Not too much has gone on since the hiring of our new head coach. Lundy still has to fill out not only his roster but the coaching staff for '22-'23. One of the most notable developments in program history, the Orthopedic Hospital of Wisconsin Center (OHOW for short) however, is currently under construction and on schedule to be ready for the Fall.

No more scheduling conflicts-> just 24/7 BASKETBALL 🏀.

Some renderings of the OHOW Center were recently shared, and it looks to be a clear bigtime recruiting advantage. Designed by Milwaukee-based HGA Architects & Engineers, this new practice facility includes weight rooms, commons areas for studying and/or eating, a small movie theatre for film review, several dedicated basketball courts and a beautiful second story walkway that overlooks the practice space.

Prior to the OHOW being built (and until it is open), the Milwaukee men's and women's basketball teams have had to compete in some cases with Rec leagues to ensure there are enough courts and practice space available.

That all changes this Fall. Along with our Losing Culture. It's gone. Let's get on with it and start winning and expecting to win.

This video contains all the most recent renderings; the OHOW opens this Fall.

In the case of this long-overdue upgrade, while the wait wasn't really necessary, the wait (vs. not having any practice facility at all) was well worth it. The future is bright, Panthers. Let's make some new tracks, no?

go panthers
press on.