A new era, OHOW nears completion

The OHOW Center puts Milwaukee a cut above every other Horizon League program

With the '22-'23 season right around the corner Milwaukee Panther fans are about to see a very different team on the court at Panther Arena and 14+ road venues nationwide. Bart Lundy has assembled an impressive Panther roster and staff and is aiming to make a positive splash as the new head guy on the East Side of Milwaukee.

Finishing touches before the Men's and Women's Basketball teams have a true home

The Horizon League is no D3 or even the Big South (High Point, Lundy's last D1 head coaching job), but The Horizon League is ripe for the taking by any team willing to put in the work required to be fearlessly prepared.

With just Markeith Browning, Moses Bol, Vin Baker Jr. and Vincent Miszkiewicz returning as well as a new offense specifically designed to maximize 3pt makes and a full court pressure that many opponents may not be expecting.. things are about to get really interesting provided we can hit 35-40% of the 30+ triples we are likely to shoot each game.

It's been a while since we played like this (~2006).

But I digress- as awesome as it is that a new era of Panther Hoops is about to begin we also are just about ready to open up the crown jewel of NCAA D1 recruiting facilities- a dedicated home to Panther Basketball.

The OHOW (Orthopedic Hospital of Wisconsin) Center is looking nice and will be looking really nice to the next round of recruits that see it with all our players utilizing it and getting that extra run to be that much more accurate. That much more, fearlessly prepared.

It's been a long, long time since we thought about March Madness

Many things can happen in this, Lundy's inaugural season as Milwaukee HC. We've already lost one player for the season (Jordan Ratliffe) to injury, had a fan expo in which some of our players looked legitimately too good for the little ole' Horizon League... And we've had a grueling but team-building preseason boot camp and closed-door D1 scrimmages where we clearly out-hustled our opponents.

But who in the heck knows? Most of us thought Pat Baldwin Jr. would break a Horizon League record or two and run away with a couple awards in his one year college tour. Heck I thought Te'Jon Lucas and/or DeAndre Gholston would crack All Horizon 1st Team at least once.

It sounds like Oregon State transfer big man Ahmad Rand may be a bigtime force in the paint. Beyond that is anybody's guess. I think we will shoot (and make) a ton of triples.

The Panthers practice in the Klotsche Center for now and will be moving to OHOW Center soon

You never, ever know until you play the games. All the games. We play on the road at Purdue and at Iowa State. We are picked for 9th or 10th in our 11 team conference. We are also picked as a sleeper team that may exceed the low expectations that we've "earned" in 6 years of objectively miserable basketball with little to no real goals ever in sight. Can we start thinking about March? Probably not yet, but we will soon find out if we- (or rather this new team and us following)- might belong there.

It's a new season and brand new college basketball games are about to be played nationwide as the long Road to Houston begins now. Tune in or show up on campus (Klotsche Center game) November 7th to witness the Panthers open the season as host to MSOE at 5pm. No exhibition games.

As this recruiting machine settles into focus, our hopes of a Panther Hoops return to greatness are kept alive

We are having a couple of closed door scrimmages but that's it. It's game time 11/7 at 5pm. If you are there, give the team a boost if they play like they deserve one- because they face the Boilermaker boys in West Lafayette, Indiana less than 24 hours later...

Will you be there?

go panthers
stack good days.