Panthers dropped by Purdue, 84-53

Deep breaths... Remember, yesterday's loss was to: PURDUE.

Quitters don't learn anything and quit when they lose. Winners learn lessons when they lose- so they never really lose.

This game was a great opportunity to play in front of the kind of crowds that we may see if, perchance, we make it to March Madness- this year or next year or some year very soon. Purdue's Mackey Arena is akin to Wisconsin's Camp Randall Stadium environment. It's not an easy place for opponents to come into and feel comfortable and confident.

The Boilermakers got off to a fast start and the lead only ever increased. The key stat I can decipher from this drubbing at the hands of Purdue is that PU outrebounded us 52 to 34. That can't happen against a team whose identity is "in the paint".

Milwaukee had its hands full with 7'4" Boilermaker center Zach Edey. Our own Moses Bol was not able to neutralize the giant Edey machine, which allowed the center to tally a double-double including 5 three pointers. Purdue guard Fletcher loyal added 17.

Milwaukee's BJ Freeman had a quiet but vital 19 points. Rand added 10. However, our highest rebounder was guard Elijah Jamison who grabbed 5.

Milwaukee fans are still confident that this Panther team will rack up a lot of wins

If we weren't going to be a force in the paint and on the boards, we were never going to be in this game. Add to that the fact that Purdue is simply flat-out good (they'll be dancing in March) and Milwaukee simply could not shoot anything like they did Monday night (15.8% 3pt, 38.3% overall). Yesterday was bound to be a tough loss if we played anything less than perfect in West Lafayette.

Matt Painter's Boilermakers were ready for us, and not overlooking our opening game howitzer salvo against a DIII team.

What's done is done- a win last night may have gotten our egos too inflated. We as a team can use the learned lessons from this loss- from the video, from the in-game team and coach communication and decision making- to channel all this frustration into our next contest which happens to be a home game.

Catch the Panthers next on Saturday, 11/12 at 6pm vs. Cardinal Stritch at Panther Arena. Let's get back to winning, no?

go panthers
stack good days.