Low percentage shooting dooms Panthers hopes of 5-in-a-row vs. Raiders


No longer alone in 1st, Milwaukee now shares 1st place in the Horizon with NKU and YSU. 


Your Milwaukee Panthers couldn't pull themselves out of a series of frigid cold shooting spells this past Saturday afternoon (26-76 from the field, 7-29 from the arc).

Justin Thomas scored 20 but had no assists. Our starting PG Elijah Jamison had 10 points, but no assists. Markeith Browning had 2 assists to go with his 19 points- but those "2" were our team-high for this game. 😕

This is a real head-scratcher of a team.

One way or another this team needs to put emphasis on shot selection and passing. I have not seen a Panther team go more 1-on-1 as much as this team tends to after giving the offense a ceremonial attempt or two. For example, we had a grand total of 6 assists on our 74 points.

43.5%   21.4%   85.7%

34.2%   24.1%   71.4%

That has to change. I expect Jamison and some of the other guards to ensure we do not ever play 1-on-1 "chucking shots" ever again. It's a sure-fire recipe to lose in D1.

Milwaukee hosts Robert Morris this Thursday night. I look forward to seeing more ball movement, more semblance of an offense. And some more gosh darn assists!

go panthers  
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