Milwaukee accepts invitation to CBI, will play Stetson in Daytona


The show must go on; let's go grab a CBI championship

Big news tonight which follows Coach Lundy's comments following the loss to Cleveland State in the Semifinal of the Horizon League Tournament in Indianapolis, Indiana--

Your Milwaukee Panthers will have a chance at getting win #22 and potentially (3) more as the team has officially accepted an invitation to play in the CBI hosted in Daytona, FL. The Panthers will play Stetson on Sunday, March 19th at 4:30pm CST.

This is very much "cart before horse" but, in a not-too-crazy scenario, we could wind up in a rematch with Cleveland State- we merely have to reach the Championship game (and they would have to as well, obviously). 

For a team that has exceeded and shattered expectations in the span of a few months.... what's a few more big wins and a CBI championship? Let's dispense with the nail biters and have some more clockwork games like our last 2 regular season wins at Panther Arena and the K, respectively. From the disappointment we were left to grapple with in Indy, let's take full advantage of this second chance.

Will the Panthers advance to the ESPN2 Semis and Final?

I believe we are going to win this tourney; this new era is only just beginning.

go panthers  
stack good days.