Panthers lose to Charlotte, exit CBI, end amazing turnaround season

Kentrell Pullian proved to be one of our best players

We were picked for 9th.

We won 22 games.

Freeman had a triple double.

Rand brought serious energy every game 

Rand and Bol monster blocks every game

Jalen Johnson progressed

Elijah Jamison was all-conference freshman.

Kentrell Pullian proved a most effective shooter and 6th man.

Justin Thomas buzzer beater

Browning's stifling defense

Freeman scored 43.

So many other individual and team accomplishments that never happened in the past 7 years.

We had the good fortune of winning most of our very close games (most of our battles were close).

We reached the HLT Semis.

We lost to Charlotte in the second round of the CBI.


Not bad for a program most people had written off just one year ago.... The future is bright, Milwaukee.

See you all in the fall.

go panthers  
stack good days.