Checking in- 'Panthers are transforming into something fierce...

The face of Milwaukee Panther Basketball is ready to improve on an All-League 2nd team Sophomore campaign

There were many changes to the roster since the season ended, but we have kept intact much of the core (BJ Freeman, Markeith Browning, Elijah Jamison, Kentrell Pullian and Angelo Stuart). It is tough to see some of our favorite players go elsewhere but this (transfer portal and immediate eligibility) is the new reality of college basketball. In a way, I kind of like the flexibility it affords coaches and players. And I'd like to think that so long as the culture of the program is good, the good and great players will stay here in Milwaukee.

Here are the comings and goings known so far this summer:

  • Justin Thomas found a new home at UTSA (San Antonio)
  • Ahmad Rand was signed to Kotka in Finland 
  • Vincent Miszkiewicz transferred to Keiser (NAIA)
  • Moses Bol earned a graduate degree from Milwaukee and will likely transform his hometown area
  • Jordan Ratliffe earned his graduate degree and now has many basketball and other professional opportunities at his disposal
  • Keon Edawards entered the transfer portal (will be signed to a DI soon)
  • Jalen Johnson entered the transfer portal (ditto)

Gotta push for more of the monogram (identity and consistent symbolism is important)

Additionally, we have added many new Panthers to our ranks:

  • PF  FR  Simeon Murchison  6' 8"  
  • PF  JR  Darius Duffy  6' 8"  
  • PF  JR  Faizon Fields  6' 10"  (by way of Old Dominion)
  • PF  SR  Langston Wilson  6' 9"  (by way of U of Washington)
  • SG  JR  Erik Pratt  6' 5"  (by way of Texas A&M)
  • SG  SO  Aaron Franklin  6' 5" (by way of Hutchinson)
  • PG  JR  Pierce Spencer  6' 3"  (by way of Nicholls State)
  • SG  FR  Learic Davis  6' 7"  (by way of Tennessee State)

And BJ Freeman continues to make a household name of himself. I am definitely one to reach for any kind of optimism and because of this, my (and our- I'm not the only homer! 😉 I see you, @buppie05) overly-optimistic expectations are often dashed- usually in early March. Before the Big Dance 😔. But it's pretty hard to ignore this:

If this is any kind of indication of how good Freeman has gotten, the Horizon League already has a  POY candidate


Apart from Freeman averaging almost double (36.4) what he averaged in his Sophomore campaign (18.2) in Pro-Am play this summer, we also got some gigantic publicity from Tristan Jass (4.84 million YouTube subscribers) when he recently toured the OHOW Center, our new shining gem of a practice facility.

Also note- Howell (👀), Learic Davis and Langston Wilson are on the Top Scorers list above. Is that a mirage or a favorable omen of things to come?

That is a pretty sweet trophy; Freeman's non-plussed look probably means he wants the 2024 HLT trophy...

Coach Lundy recently expressed his conviction that height is grossly overrated in college basketball. While it is nice to have a rim swatter like Bol, I like the idea of a fast-paced Panther offense and defense (the key to Pearl's success here). Will it work? I am extremely optimistic that yes, it will work to astonishing effect.

We will find out what is what for certain this winter.

go panthers  
stack good days.