Panthers beaten down by Tommies 75-71

Markeith Browning kind of disappeared last night after a breakout scoring rampage at Green Bay

Well Panther fans. This is def not the season we expected so far. In a game that was not particularly close until the final 3 minutes, Milwaukee (3-6, 0-1) played lax defense and dropped another one.

The game followed the familiar script- get into a huge hole due to horrid shooting and nonexistent defense, stay in that hole until final 5 minutes, and ultimately, pile up another L on the L pile.

Coach Lundy had some candid comments in the post-game interview with Scott Warras that points to a mentality and preparation problem. Apparently, while this is (Lundy and the team are 100% assured) a good group of basketball players and minds, it is not a "team".

Players are playing to build their personal resumes, not win games as a team (personal stats be damned). With Freeman out, everyone is trying to be the #1 guy now. If only the players would learn that not even Freeman, when he is that #1 guy, can get us to win games.

We need a team.

The holidays come with a significant amount of time off and the team can use this time to reflect on how they can turn this around. Because if it doesn't get turned around, the boo birds will only get louder, the crowds will only get smaller, and that spark that lit up the City of Milwaukee and UWM last season, will be all but extinguished.

PS: Bright spots last night were Angelo Stuart keeping us on life-support in the first half (11pts, 4reb, 3-5 from 3pt) and Eric Pratt (17pts on 5-9 from 3pt) coming into his own and almost willing us to a victory we didn't deserve.

go panthers  
stack good days.