John Lovelace Jr. is coming home

Lovelace played his high school ball under Milwaukee assistant and lead recruiter, Jose Winston. He comes to the Panthers after two years at Youngstown St.

Bygones are Bygones and Lovelace is home now.

Lovelace always attracted big followings to Milwaukee when he faced the Panthers and he was interestingly enough, seen as kind of a "villain" during his time as a Penguin.

So this, on the heels of signing AJ McKee and the departure of BJ Freeman, indicates that the staff are working the portal quickly and effectively. Milwaukee is starting to become, dare we say, a popular destination for portal players.

Lovelace has solid numbers for a 6'7" wing guard; and these are numbers that can dramatically improve in his next two seasons

Let's get some more good players here and really make that push for a 2025 HLT Championship (that is what it takes)- Milwaukee natives or people just interested in living in this great city by the Lake, attending this amazing research university and playing for the Milwaukee Panthers.

go panthers.