All gas (no brakes): Milwaukee routs MSOE in season opener

Is this the beginning of something special? 

102-46. It was never close. Steal after block after transition dunk, the MSOE players and coaches looked like bystanders as the Panthers put on a baseline-to-baseline basketball show.

Welcome to the future? It sure seemed that way. Your Milwaukee Panthers earned their first victory of the '22-'23 season tonight hosting the MSOE Raiders at the on-campus Klotsche Arena (next to the new men's and women's basketball OHOW practice facility) as part of a men's and women's basketball on-campus double header Monday evening.

So what are early results on Lundy's assembled team and his coaching abilities? So far, golden.

You can't have much better of a game vs. a DIII team. Congratulations to the new coaching staff on this, what was a flawless NACC clobbering. (What buy games are supposed to look like.)

Yes, it was MSOE (NACC). But some of the numbers that came out of tonight are striking simply for the accuracy, even if most Milwaukee shots were at most lightly contested. Milwaukee was led by guard Angelo Stewart who had 24 points and 5 assists. Ahmad Rand scored 14 and had a few SC Top 10-worthy dunks.

Kentrell Pullian scored 11 points and grabbed 8 boards and Elijah Jamison had 12 points on 2-2 shooting from distance to round out the Panther scorers in double figures.

Donovan Carter led MSOE with 11pts. MSOE as a team shot just 30% from 3pt and 36.4% overall, which was the direct result of a smothering Panther defense.

Milwaukee on the other hand, shot 47.1% from 3pt and 61.3% overall. Tonight, all the shots were going in. This is all really awesome and something to vault from. But we all realize that tomorrow will be as challenging a contest as tonight's was pedestrian.

Despite Lundy subbing generously (we are the deepest Milwaukee team in a decade), we kept pouring it on the Raiders

Our next game is in less than 20 hours in West Lafayette, Indiana against the Purdue Boilmakers of the B1G Ten Conference. What happens next is going to tell a lot about the rest of the season. No serious Panther fan expects the Panthers to win either walking away or at all. But neither do any believe, especially after tonight, that we'll lose by 25+ points.

Tune in tomorrow night at 5pm CST- things could get historic.

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